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One striking thing about working in animation is getting to see the vast number of extremely talented artists who toil away invisibly behind the scenes, completely unkown even to the public who watch the movies they make. When the films come out there is usually more PR space given to the voice talent than the artists. And not every phase of production can be covered in THE ART OF books…

Fortunately a lot of people who work in special effects, animation and games have recently been setting up websites, so we can finally get to see what these people do. I’ve just added some such sites to my LINKS page.

Louis Gonzales is a very talented artist who you may not have heard of, but I’m sure you are familiar with his work because he has contributed to several of the most popular animated movies of the past few years, including the Iron Giant and the Incredibles. So check him out at his recently opened website, where you may even see some sketches from an awesome graphic novel that he is about to unveil…

If you are a Star wars fan then you may know of Ryan Church already. His art has appeared in several of the ART of Star Wars books. he now has a website of his own where you can see his personal work in addition to samples of stuff he’s designed for George.

Jennifer Chang is a professional sketch artist working in CG animation. She has a nice blend of fine art paintings, sketches and animation concept art from some personal projects on her portfolio web site.

Brianne Drouhard is a character designer on the Teen Titans TV series. She has a neat sketchbook called OXYTOCIN availabale at Stuart Ng Books. If you visit her site I recommend that you check out her animation in particular. It is very cute.

Katie Rice is another Character designer. She has worked at Spumco but I’m not sure where she is these days. Her site is full of the most energetic sketches of cute girls that you are ever likely to see anywhere. There is such energy and charm to her line work, it’s really inspiring stuff.

Sandra Equihua has a great graphic style that works well with her FLASH website. She too is a character designer working on flash cartoons at Disney, with her husband Jorge R. Gutierrez who has been on my links page for ages.

In addition to these new animation artists’ sites, I’ve already got links to ther sites by animation artists on my links page, especially in the FRIENDS section, so be sure to look through there.

Luca Tieri doesn’t have anything to do with animation (as far as I know…), but his drawings are sure full of life, and an appealling cartoon PUNK attitude. Even the colours he uses leap out and kick you in the eyeBALLS! be sure to check him out.

I’ve also added some other links, to illustrators, toy makers and the like, so be sure to go and look at them all!

2 thoughts on “Animation artists’ WEBSITES”

  1. Great batch of links. I’ve never run across Louis Gonzalez’s work before but I think it’s because if I looked at it twice, I would have imploded. Amazing stuff.

    Katie Rice is working as a character designer at Disney TV on their upcoming show “The Buzz on Maggie” next to other power players like Dave Wasson, Gabe Swarr, Jorge Gutierrez, and Sandra Equihua.

  2. Thanks for that info Roque. I already have added some of those other artists you mentioned (working with katie Rice) to my links page…

    Yes Louis is just one of the many artists at Pixar who are about to unleash their greatneess on an unsuspecting world. A bunch of hitherto unknowns are working on comics, sketchbooks and websites.. brace youreslves for impact!


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