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Oct 192006

I should have ALL the illustrations finished today or tomorrow (OK, OK… maybe the next day). In any case I am close to the finish line as far as the illustrations go. Next week there is still a little work to do; reformating some of the older illustrations (extending a few into double page spreads, some cropping and so on) so they work with the new book design that the designer came up with. Her book-design layout looks great, and much more adventurous than I would have ever come up with. If I get all those layout tweaks done quickly I would like to revisit a few of the pics to fix a thing or two.

A cartoonist’s work is never done…

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  1. Jamie-

    Love the coloring on this piece.

    I didn’t respond to your last post about the near stolen laptop, but I’ve been thinking avbout it quite a bit (and chuckling to myself). I have to say it was a shocking yet hilarious story. I keep picturing you huffing and puffing down the ‘Loin in persuit of the sleazy crackhead. Then you cuddling and caressing your beloved computer while the hero of the story continues to pummel the thief right under your nose.

    Glad everything turned out OK. Please make a comic!

  2. Hey Jamie! I just ordered your 3 comics and I’m looking forward to reading them.
    Also, your elephant drawings look great!

  3. I love this one and the color just rocks it to a whole new level.

  4. congratulations Jamie 🙂
    can’t wait to see the book ~!
    this illo looks great , love the warm colors ,texture adds a an orgnic feel .

  5. Blecha>>Yeah it makes a pretty good story in many ways. You were RIGHT on about my love for my laptop, so that would be the ROMANTIC interest common in many good stories.

    Blair Kitchen>> thanks for making good on your earlier pledge to order some books. Is your wife on board for these or is this a covert op? i will send your order out later this week when I finish this book and my normal life (bathing, watching movies, going to the post office) resumes.


    Sho>>Actually, YOU were one of the inspirations behind me trying the texture thing. Also DENIS GOULET and a couple of others…

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