A New Year….

Another year has come and gone and, once again, while the rest of the world was out partying, I decided to celebrate in my own way; by staying at home and reflecting on the year ending and formulating plans for the year to come… After many years in a row where I have fallen way short of my plans, this year I decided to make resolutions that I know that are within my power to keep. (A man has got to know his limitations). So it that spirit:

In 2009, I resolve to lose even more hair and gain 10 pounds of body fat.

My apologies for not posting in this blog over the past few months. The fact is that living a real life has gotten in the way of my blogging about it. Many things have caught up with me; a lot of travelling hither and thither (both for work and for pleasure) the busy-ness of the Christmas and New Year period, catching-up after my earlier tech-troubles, and ongoing work commitments have all meant that I just haven’t had time to say much and, frankly, not much anyway to say… (normally, wanting to say something without having anything really to say has been a way of life for me, but more about that at a later date)

Apart from real life getting in the way of blogging, I must admit that alternate internet activities (ie; unreal life) have also been cutting into my blogging time. Yes, I have been sucked into the time-vortex that is FACEBOOK. I was talked into joining several months ago by my sister and was very sceptical about it at first… after all, I have a website of my own, so it stands to reason that anyone who WANTS to find me and get in touch, can easily do so just by googling my name and contacting me through this here website. However, I have found the experience to be a lot of fun; and it allows me to stay connected to my friends around the globe via a sort of CNN style news ticker tape… not to mention the fact that I have actually HAVE reconnected with a few old friends that I had lost touch with.

My first experience of communicating via the internet was E-MAIL. Next, I began participating in FORUMS (mostly illustration forums such as THE DRAWING BOARD) and then it was BLOGS that caught my interest, and most recently it has been Social NETWORKING via the likes of Facebook… I wonder what time-suck hole I will fall into next?…..

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