A Mad Dash

This pic illustrates the true story of “Clarissa” an elephant being used for a publicity stunt in downtown Madrid, until she ran away and caused chaos during the morning rush hour.
I have been involved in a mad-dash of my own in the last week; getting all the artwork done and uploaded to the book-designer’s FTP. I am happy to report that I am finally finished with all the artwork for “Elephants in the News”. I should see a proof in a week or two and then the book goes to the printer at the end of November

All in all there are 42 full colour illustrations, 25 of those are full page, 13 are double-page spreads and 4 are partial spreads (going half way past the gutter onto the facing page). As of September 1st 2006, I had 14 full colour illustrations already done but only 5 of these were absolutely ready to go, because the rest had to be modified to fit the new design. The other 28 pics were already roughed out in pencil, which the designer had used to lay out the book. It was handy to have her book layout with me as I worked because I was able to clean up the illustrations knowing where the type was supposed to go.

So… between September 1st-October 25th I did 28 full page colour illustrations (from my roughs) and re-worked 9 of the old illustrations. I think that works out to finishing one illustration every two two days… or maybe even faster.

Now that it is all finished, I am looking forward to getting back to a more regular lifestyle; sleeping, watching TV, doing some bathing once in a while. Also, not eating corn flakes for breakfast and lunch and dinner will be nice…

9 thoughts on “A Mad Dash”

  1. Derek>> Thanks. Yeah, it really is a huge relief. It was a difficult labour… like I gave birth to a barbed-wire baby.

    But I am a free gomer now, So next time you lads are watching William Shatner movies I will be able to come along

  2. Andrew>> Thank you. Coming from an elephant expert such as yourself, that is very gratifying to hear. Because I had to draw so many of them I did consciously make an effort to vary the pachderms as much as possible.

  3. Congrats Jamie… I am in your neck of the woods this week hope we can see each other. Right now I am helping Rhode create dismembered body parts, scare crows, and going on corn runs when it grows dark.


  4. Sammy> I will see you at your Comic Relief signing on Friday, if not before.

    Aaron>>I like how you spelled “arse”. You have been in England long enough for your spelling to have changed.

    Alan>> thanks. Yeah, I tried something a little different on this one.


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