17th & Noe

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Apr 162017

Here’s a sketch I just scanned that was drawn last year when Julia and I went drawing in San Francisco’s Castro neighbourhood.

A week or two earlier we’d eaten nearby at a great little restaurant called FRANCES and we’d noticed that the neighbourhood had a lot of pretty houses, and came back later to draw the area.

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  1. It sure looks familiar. You captured that blinding CA reflective light.

  2. It is similar to some streets in Hobart

  3. Hmmm, are you quite sure that you didn’t spend your first 40 years drawing with your wrong hand? Lovely…

  4. I used to live at 17th and Sanchez — you totally captured the zeitgeist of the old neighborhood. But of course, I would expect nothing less from the likes of you, sir.

  5. Yeah! Gettin yer sketchin on!

  6. Brilliant James! I would struggle to do that with my left hand and I’m left handed.

    • You Nut Arthur! Your drawings have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me. It is interesting to me how many artists that I admire are left handed. It seems that there are more lefties in our field than the general public. Left-handedness seems to be about 10-12% in the general public but in animation they seem to be about 30-40% of the community.

  7. Have you ever shown me the Castro area, dear boy? We’ve certainly been with you to the neighbourhood where Buchanan and Pine (great leftie work there, too) is; but the Castro? On one of my stays with you in the early 2000s, I remember taking a long solo ride in the twilight in a former Rome tramcar (a sentimental journey for me). Could where that terminated have been the Castro area? You’ve certainly captured the loveliness of the neighbourhood with your spirited left hand. And Lisa is right; the scene is reminiscent of parts of Hobart. Wendy sends her love to you both, and I send mine. Dad

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