Comic-book thumbnails

 Posted by on July 1, 2005  Comics, Drawings, Updates
Jul 012005

Here are some of the thumbnails that I used to plan my last issue. They are each about 4 inches x 5inches. Sometimes I think I spend too long on them, trying out variations, before I decide which is the final and move on to inking… but on the other hand, thumbnailing is one of the fun parts of doing comics!
Rocket Rabbit
Rocket Rabbit
Rocket Rabbit
Rocket Rabbit

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  6 Responses to “Comic-book thumbnails”

  1. I always love seeing process. It reminds me that people like you are human. However in this case, it backfired and I am now looking to stop you from taking over the world. You can't fool me with your perfection, Baker!!

  2. nice. Nice. NICE!

  3. jamie, great stuff!

    can you send me your email?
    i gots a question for ya.


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