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My drawings of other people’s characters:

NUN with 2 GUNS

 Posted by on September 15, 2011  Drawings, Friends, Pin ups
Sep 152011
NUN with 2 GUNS

Here's a Pin-up I just finished last night for John Hoffman's NUN WITH TWO GUNS comic book, which is the culmination of several years of doodling on his part. A while back, John co-created this character with his buddy Warwick J Caldwell, and now, after a few years of random drawings by both of them, she finally has [..READ MORE..]

SLY is still upset…

 Posted by on July 16, 2011  Drawings, Pin ups
Jul 162011
SLY is still upset...

With his typical eloquence, SLY STALLONE raises a lot of valid points… a test illustration of Sylvester Stallone, done when illustrating in tokyo Related Posts: Righteous ‘roid Rampage A busy Weekend Rose and Isabel Booth Sketches Comic Con: Booth #1329 Mister Cloudy

Righteous ‘roid Rampage

 Posted by on July 15, 2011  Drawings, Pin ups
Jul 152011
Righteous 'roid Rampage

Here's an old doodle of SLY STALLONE; expressing his feelings, mid-1980s style. test illustration of Sylvester Stallone, for Tokyo Journal Related Posts: SLY is still upset… A busy Weekend Rose and Isabel Booth Sketches Comic Con: Booth #1329 Mister Cloudy

Jun 132011
Ronald Searle's Birthday

I can't think of any cartoonist that I admire more than the great RONALD SEARLE. Many others feel the same about this superb satirist and stylist, including the 70 PIXAR artists who recently sent him a 91st BIRTHDAY SKETCHBOOK filled with tributes; a project which I was honored (though intimidated) to be included in. It was the one [..READ MORE..]


 Posted by on April 24, 2011  Colleagues, Drawings, Friends, Pin ups
Apr 242011

Here's a BIRTHDAY (21st of April!) CARD for Mr Derek Thompson, honoring the fellow who introduced us many years ago; good old FRANKENSTEIN's monster. It seems appropriate that my friendship with DEREKMONSTER should have begun on a MONSTER MOVIE. Though that project was never finished, I made many great friends on that crew, Derek being one of them. [..READ MORE..]

Princess Leia

 Posted by on April 16, 2011  Doodling, Pin ups
Apr 162011
Princess Leia

"Aren't you a little SHORT for a storm-trooper?" She just saw her planet blown up, and all her loved ones vaporised, but Princess Leia still has a smart arse remark for a lowly cloned stormtrooper. Oh, what a woman. Related Posts: Space FLiK The Princess Sketch Trek: THE NEXT GENERATION The Time Trickster My Auction Pieces Memory Reboot

The Princess

 Posted by on April 27, 2010  Drawings, Pin ups
Apr 272010
The Princess

Some quick Photoshop tones over a pencil doodle of that sassy heroine, Princess Leia.. It's not finished but maybe I'll tidy it up later.Star Wars, Princess Leia, A New Hope Related Posts: Senator Leia Organa My Auction Pieces Han and Chewie Memory Reboot Princess Leia A busy Weekend

A Pin-up Book(?)

 Posted by on April 18, 2010  Doodling, Pin ups
Apr 182010
A Pin-up Book(?)

For quite some time I've wanted to do a PIN-UP book full of heroines; characters that I like, from TV shows, comics or movies. Once, when I was about to get into that idea in earnest, I saw the just recently released BELLE du JOUR by Bill Presing (not to mention his follow-up BOOK PLATE BETTIES) and suddenly, [..READ MORE..]

Memory Reboot

 Posted by on March 18, 2010  Conventions, Doodling, Pin ups
Mar 182010
Memory Reboot

In an attempt to purge my mind's eye of images of the BEARDED SLAVE LEIA seen last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, where he single handedly overwrote the adolescent memories of a thousands of nerds (including myself) here are some quick sketches of the Princess LEIA I would prefer to remember, drawn through bleeding eyes. Related Posts: [..READ MORE..]

Weekend Drawing

 Posted by on May 12, 2009  Doodling, Pin ups
May 122009
Weekend Drawing

Last weekend was beautifully sunny here in Portland, so I went on several long walks throughout the city. I tried doing some sketches of the scenery but none that came out very well. Several half-started scribbles is all. Perhaps they can be made into something decent if I revisit those particular spots again for a follow up session [..READ MORE..]