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 Posted by on March 24, 2008  Drawings, Nauti Girl, Nerve Bomb
Mar 242008
Comics Vis-Dev

Here are some exploratory sketches I did for my short story in the Babes In Space anthology a few years back. These space-faring giantesses were adversaries for Sephilina the Nauti-Girl (AKA: Squid Girl). As I mentioned earlier, I usually spend too much time doing sketches thumbnails, and not enough time actually making finished product and [...]

May 242007
Auction Results

The Maverix Studios and Sketchcrawl Art Auction raised a mighty $13,000!!!! Not a bad effort for a few hours of honest fun. All the proceeds will go to the charity called EMERGENCY: Life Support for Civilian War Victims. This is another of the three pieces I submitted; a watercolor of Sephilina, which was successfully bid [...]