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Silver Bullet Review

 Posted by on October 22, 2005  Nerve Bomb, Reviews, ROCKET RABBIT
Oct 222005

Here is an excerpt from a recent review of Rocket Rabbit #1, written by Steve Saville of Silver Bullet comics: James Baker [comic creator guy] has very kindly included the following comment with the edition of Rocket Rabbit he submitted for review: “it’s not deep, it’s firmly in silly territory.” If there is anything “silly” [...]

CWN reviews RR#1

 Posted by on August 28, 2005  Nerve Bomb, Reviews, ROCKET RABBIT
Aug 282005
CWN reviews RR#1

Michael May, a kindly reviewer from Comic World News had this to say about the latest Rocket Rabbit comic: Rocket Rabbit #1 Written and Illustrated by James Baker I’ve been waiting for more Rocket Rabbit since I reviewed Nerve Bomb Comix #0. It was such a fun, fresh take on superheroes. Baker has finally continued [...]

review on Silver Bullet

 Posted by on January 19, 2004  Nerve Bomb, Reviews
Jan 192004

Posted: Tuesday, January 13 By: Darren Schroeder Print This Item Creator: James S. Baker Publisher: (Self Published) Price: $3.50(US) Our two heroes Rocket Rabbit and the Professor are a formidable crime fighting team, so the evil villains in the collective of Insanity are planning a few schemes to away with them. Every page of this [...]

Oct 102003
Interview on THE PULSE

Interview BY JENNIFER M. CONTINO The Avengers, they ain’t! But Rocket Rabbit and the Professor are just as cool as Emma Peel and John Steed! The cartoony dynamic duo go on secret missions in James S. Baker’s eclectic new comic series, Nerve Bomb. THE PULSE: The first thing I notice about your work is the [...]

Review on almost normal

 Posted by on July 29, 2003  Nerve Bomb, Reviews
Jul 292003

32 pages, standard size, professional. The streets of San Fiasco are being ravaged by a colossal robotic granny! Who can stop the geriatric giant? Enter San Fiasco’s own Professor and Rocket Rabbit! The Professor, a young woman of extreme intelligence and beauty. Rocket Rabbit, umm…a robotic rabbit with big rocket bunny ears. This unlikely duo [...]

Nerve Bomb Review on CBN

 Posted by on June 16, 2003  Nerve Bomb, Reviews
Jun 162003

THE COMIC BOOK NETWORK ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE #424 – 06/13/2003 “My View” by David LeBlanc Looking for another “funny book” that isn’t the same old stuff. This one should give you some chuckles. These are the adventures of Rocket Rabbit, a small robot with rocket thrusters out the top of his head that look like a [...]