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Feb 192014
TV Sketching: The Dowager Countess

Apart from our recent location sketching, Julia and I have also been sketching from TV shows, and a recent fave is Downton Abbey, starring the wonderful Maggie Smith. In my opinion, she steals every almost episode as the dowager Countess, Lady Grantham. She inflects every line with subtle flaring of nostril, tilt of head or [...]

Jan 072014
A Boxing Day Far, Far, Away..

It’s difficult to preserve memory when your older-self’s revised view constantly overwrites the original impression. How do you file a loving memory of someone you no-longer like? Or childhood memories of wonder, but of things now uncool? Do you owe it to your earlier-self to keep that first impression alive? One such moment, is a [...]

Oct 012013
Tomorrow, You Only Have Memories Forever, Again. Twice.

As a child, going to the cinema was special. Seeing even a crummy movie back then was somehow way more fun than seeing an absolutely amazing movie is for me today. Of course, my childhood was in the pre-video era, when perhaps the anticipation of a movie and the fond memories of it afterward were [...]

Ridley, Lost In Space.

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Jun 202012
Ridley, Lost In Space.

PROMETHEUS, the much anticipated follow-up to the Alien franchise, directed by franchise-creator, Ridley Scott, is a feast for the eyes in 3D, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the story. Wanting answers to my nagging doubts about what appeared to be suspiciously like plot holes, bad writing and flimsy character portrayals, I went [...]


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Jan 122012

REVOLVER (directed by Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Marti Ekstrand and Lars Ohlson) is one of my favourite animated shorts ever. I first saw this film at a festival in the early 1990s and I was mesmerized immediately. (Seeing it projected in a theatre is definitely the right way to go). “Cyclical” is the only way [...]

The DORK side of the FARCE

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Nov 092009
The DORK side of the FARCE

Halloween is perhaps my favourite American holiday. Some of my earliest happy impressions of America were in seeing the cities of New York and San Francisco throwing themselves into this tradition with gusto. The spectacle of Werewolves, Popes, and Cowgirls… Zombies, Witches and Animals of all ages, shapes and sizes, out en masse, walking the [...]


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Jan 142009

I have been working here in Portland, off and on for the past few months, and on Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend an early screening of the forthcoming new film from LAIKA studios; Henry Selick‘s CORALINE, which is a retelling of the book by Neil Gaiman. I had nothing whatsoever to do [...]

Jun 122008
Indiana Jones & the Temple Of The Phantom Menace

How often had you heard that Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford, had all wanted to do another Indiana Jones movie, but were looking for the right story? Many years went by. Then, when they finally began filming, my expectation was that the script was pretty impressive. I finally saw INDY 4 recently, with my brother and [...]