Other artists draw MY characters:

Feb 212006
Pin-up of POWER!

Bold Brian Kalin-O’Connell has recently wrought a powerful picture of Rocket Rabbit dodging disaster; a snarling, super-sized simian! I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing a few people do pin-ups of NAUTI GIRL (which you can see in my COMICS section under the “Pinup gallery” link) but not too many people (apart from my nephews) [...]

Yet Another Pinup

 Posted by on September 13, 2005  FanArt, Friends, Nauti Girl, Updates
Sep 132005
Yet Another Pinup

I just got this super new SEPHI pinup today from mr BENTON JEW who, apart from being a storyboarder on lots of live-action movies, also does comics. He was the Editor of the Babes in Space anthology, that Nauti Girl appeared in last year. He also contributed a story called “Silent Swordsman” to the Komikwerks [...]

Aug 062005
More Sephi Pinups

As promised, here is the follow up to Herval’s Sephi pinup. These are some more PIN-UPS of Sephilina, by a variety of super talents, that I have collected. Click the images below for a bigger version of each pic. 1st Row: Louis Gonzales, Rhode Montijo, Ted Mathot 2nd Row: Chris Lensch, Ronnie delCarmen, Ed Reynolds. [...]