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Hotel Holiday

 Posted by on August 9, 2014  Drawings, Family, Lefties, Travel
Aug 092014
Hotel Holiday

My Brother Jo and his family recently invited Julia and I to join them, and my Dad and his wife Wendy, for a holiday in Mexico. We’ve had a rocky time of things the past few years, and this was a wonderful opportunity to relax. Despite feeling ill the entire time, I did some sketching, and broke in a beautiful [ more..]

Chook Hunter

 Posted by on October 26, 2013  Baker's Dozen, Family, Lefties
Oct 262013
Chook Hunter

My paternal grandfather lives on as a cheery, little hardworking gnome of a man in my memory, yet my favourite photo of him, snapped by a street photographer well before my own Dad was even born, shows an impossibly roguish little bugger in his prime, an antipodean George Raft wearing his hat cocked at a rakish angle with his hands [ more..]

Oct 012013
Tomorrow, You Only Have Memories Forever, Again. Twice.

As a child, going to the cinema was special. Seeing even a crummy movie back then was somehow way more fun than seeing an absolutely amazing movie is for me today. Of course, my childhood was in the pre-video era, when perhaps the anticipation of a movie and the fond memories of it afterward were greater than they are now, [ more..]

Dogmatic vs Dogcentric

 Posted by on September 13, 2013  Baker's Dozen, Family, Lefties, Thoughts
Sep 132013
Dogmatic vs Dogcentric

When I was in grade two of Catholic primary school, we started to take catechism classes where such profound notions as ‘Souls’ and ‘Immortality’ were being bandied about, not to mention the biggies; ‘Heaven’, ‘Hell’ and ‘God’. Both in the classroom and out in the playground, there was much discussion about these concepts and the ground rules that went with [ more..]

Rebel, without a Pause

 Posted by on January 5, 2010  Baker's Dozen, Family, Lefties
Jan 052010
Rebel, without a Pause

I can no longer remember what caused the argument between myself and my mother on that particular day, long ago, but it probably wasn’t serious. At the age of 11, I had not yet acquired even the maturity expected of a child but already owned all the moodiness of a teenager. I was prone to statements like “it’s not fair!” [ more..]


 Posted by on September 8, 2009  Elephants, Family
Sep 082009

In honour of my Dad’s visit to San Francisco last week, here is another image from our elephant book collaboration from a year or two ago. My father and his wife Wendy landed here on the home-bound leg of an around the world trip, and I played host to them at my tiny apartment. I also took on the role [ more..]

My GrandFather’s Hands

 Posted by on June 9, 2009  Family, Thoughts
Jun 092009
My GrandFather's Hands

This is one of my favourite photos that I have ever taken, though I realise that it is entirely for personal reasons, rather than for any photographic merits (after all, it was taken back in the days of manual focus). It is a picture of my paternal Grandfather’s hands taken on a very happy day; a 51st birthday celebration for [ more..]

Mystery Memories

 Posted by on February 8, 2008  Family, Thoughts
Feb 082008
Mystery Memories

On my trip back home to Australia I had many chances to reminisce with old friends and family members about childhood memories. Disturbingly, I discovered on more than one occasion that my memories were inaccurate. One happy childhood memory concerns my favourite children’s book, THE MAGIC PUDDING. I remember being very young and my Dad reading to me from this [ more..]

Jul 312007
The TALE of my Dog

The year that I was six but turning seven years old, my family moved to a new town. I know very well that childhood memories are exaggerated, focusing as they do mainly on extreme situations most likely to leave an impression on us. Our powerful kiddie emotions, mixed with some facts, creates a cocktail that tastes of historical reality, but [ more..]

Jul 012007
Mrs. Emma Peel

When I was a child, my Grandma let me stay up past my normal bedtime when she baby-sat me one night. I saw an episode of THE AVENGERS, and fell in love with EMMA PEEL. I was absolutely fascinated by this pretty lady, clad in catsuits and leather, who bashed the bone-marrow out of all the bad-guys. Did girls really [ more..]

Free Hugs

 Posted by on May 8, 2007  Conventions, Elephants, Family
May 082007
Free Hugs

Recently there were ELEPHANTS IN THE NEWS book launches in both hemispheres, North and South. Dad launched the Elephant book (plus another book he has just written) at the official book launch in my home-town in Australia. The photo here is courtesy of my Aunty Marg who was instrumental in getting the book published, as it was she who who [ more..]