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Dec 082009

Another drawing from my sketchbook. This one is an attempt to address my weakness in drawing vehicles. (Somehow I missed that phase of childhood where little boys draw cars).

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  22 Responses to “BMW”

  1. looks pretty awesome to me!

  2. I'm with you too. I have a fair bit of trouble drawing vehicles. This looks cool.

  3. i HATE drawing veehickles

  4. The KING of trucks hates drawing Vee-Hickles?

  5. dude, i'm being ironicle. awwwrrrrrhhhhh!!!

  6. whew.. glad to hear it, Dave… I was having an existential crisis there for a second…

  7. I'm with you, James… but the only car I did like to draw as a young boy growing up was the Mach 5. :)

  8. looks pretty dang good to me.

  9. maurice sendak has admitted that himself about cars. he also found horses too difficult, when horses were initially the 'wild things' instead of his now beloved monsters. which, as you may have heard, he modeled on his old hairy, scary relatives.

  10. actually, in looking at this again Jamie, i realize it only has 2 wheels! oh well.

  11. it looks great to me…..wheel is curbed so no chance of a ticket!!

  12. oh my throbbing hebrew gristle.

  13. not kosher. i'm talking hebrew national salami.

  14. come back over the line, dave

  15. oh the fun banter between old friends! i love everyone!

  16. there's the holiday spirit, Anne, me too!

  17. pork?

  18. so where's the gristle?

  19. you big shot truck drawers are all alike

  20. look what happens when you post a drawing!

  21. what is WRONG with these people?

  22. drawing 'cars', next to 'hands' and 'feet', is probably as hard as it gets…

    i feel your struggle jamie!

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