Water-based Oil sketch

 Posted by on December 1, 2010  Drawings
Dec 012010

I am trying to scan and post more IMAGES on here, as opposed to wordy ramblings and photos… Here is an exploration done on in Water-based oils.

I am not well-versed enough with painting to know what the differences are between the media out there. I have a little experience with gouache and water-colour but lately I have been playing aound with “water-based oils.” I’ve not figured out if I like them or not, just yet. I still haven’t found my preffered colour medium… I am also curious to find out what “Acrylic Gouache” is like.

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  1. ha ha! I have a few of POWERGIRL but I will try and do a SUPERGAL for YOU stew.

  2. I like that you're painting too!

  3. yeah. Gotta do at least one each week from now on. Even if they are little.

  4. btw i wouldn't bother with acrylic gouache, personally. i am not a fan of those combo paints. i think you would like gouache once you got used it.

  5. I like gouache but it re-activates when wet. and that isn't good for a noodler like me.

  6. one a week is an excellent idea!

  7. no, you just need to get used to it. it's awesome once you learn it's mysterious ways.

  8. This is sweet Jamie. You captured some nice light, especially on her face.

    I did a painting earlier this year with acrylic gouache. It handles pretty much exactly like gouache except, when it dries, and you paint over it, it doesn’t pick up the layer of gouache underneath. A problem I have always had with regular gouache.

    I don’t know if I would do an entire painting in the stuff again, but I would certainly use it in conjunction with my usual regular acrylics.

  9. Very nice, Jamie! Great seeing you do more paintings! I like the lighting on this one! Your next assignment– Supergirl! :)

  10. nice detail on her face & i like the colors too…

  11. Thanks. I should have cropped it. In fact, I will do that right now!

  12. Looks great! It looks like you're thinning them down quite a bit? This could pass for a watercolor.

  13. Your Powergirls are most powerful! And yes, I look forward to seeing a Supergirl from you! :D

  14. Lookin' sharp James!

  15. O yeah! Seems like these squid girls are taking on a more whimsical feeling lately. I could be imagining it. This piece is keeping me up to draw! Grrr!

  16. the effect is that it's on black paper, is it?

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